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React in Eblob

We use React for measuring time consumed by different Eblob operations.

For this purpose C bindings are used.

List of available actions

Action Description
WRITE eblob write operation
READ eblob read operation
HASH computing sha512 values
REMOVE removing data from disk
READ_DATA reading data from disk
WRITE_PREPARE preparing data for write operation
FIND_ON_DISK finding data on disk
CACHE_LOOKUP cache lookup
COMMIT_DISK disk index data update
WRITEV_RETURN bulk writing on disk
FILL_WRITE_CONTROL_FROM_RAM filling write control structure from ram
INDEX_BLOCK_SEARCH_NOLOCK finding key in bloom filter and search tree
DISK_INDEX_LOOKUP search in index files on disk
WRITE_PREPARE_DISK_LL preparing before low-level write
WRITE_PREPARE_DISK preparing before write
WRITE_COMMIT_NOLOCK direct writing on disk and updating index file
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