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eblob_merge – merges list of blobs into one


eblob_merge [-p] -i BASE [-i BASE]… -o MERGED


  -i path             - input blob path (can be specified multiple times)
  -o path             - output blob path
  -p                  - print all copied IDs
  -m                  - max entry size
  -d                  - dry-run, do not copy data, only show and perform all needed index/data checks
  -h                  - this help


eblob_merge is an off-line tool to manipulate eblob database. It can be used to either merge number of blobs into one or to recover blobs using data from unsorted index.

You may also want to use eblob_merge to check, whether your data in given blobs is ok. Dry-run mode will iterate over blobs content and print errors or summary. Generally, it is a good idea to run eblob_merge prior upgrades, for example, otherwise new (2.24.14+) Elliptics refuses to work with corrupted blobs.


  • eblob_merge -i data-0.0 -i data-0.1 -o merged/data-0.0 -p > merge.log

Merges two bases data-0.0 and data-0.1 into one data-0.0 inside merged dir (must be created manually).

Parallel mass recovery one-liner.

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